Paper for goffering (flyuting) is used for production of a corrugated layer by production of a gofrirokarton. Application instead of a cardboard for flat layers of a corrugated cardboard of the T-21, T-22, T-23 brands is admissible. Paper for goffering of our production possesses stable physicomechanical indicators according to GOST(State All-Union standard) P 53206-2008.

The brown paper is used for packing of food and not foodstuff. The brown paper is applied in trade and on productions to packing of products - ware, mirrors, in studio, at garment factories, to packing of flowers, furniture, hardware, books in printing houses, during repair, for forgave also finishings of the covered cars, for a wrapper of freights when transporting.

В процессе производства бумаги для гофрирования (Б-3, Б-2), после резки в нужные форматы согласно заявок заказчиков остаются «спутники» - роли качественной продукции узких форматов – от 110 до 420 мм.