Quality control

For ensuring stable quality of products careful regular control of technological process at all stages is conducted, including:

  • acceptance of waste paper on the weight, humidity, a contamination and other parameters according to GOST P 10700-97;
  • control for all indicators technological process;
  • quality control of each party of products;
  • control of storage conditions and shipment of production to consumers.

Any car doesn't leave finished goods warehouse without the laboratory conclusion on the shipped lot of products.

Laboratory equipment

  • for determination of resistance to breakdown the equipment of production Lorentzen&Wettrez is used
  • for definition of explosive effort the explosive car of pendular type of production Lorentzen&Wettrez is used;
  • the Trigla feeler gage is used to determination of thickness of the examinee of a sample
  • for production of corrugated samples of paper for determination of resistance to plane compression (SMT) and face compression (CST) the laboratory is used
  • gofroobrazovatel of production Trigla
  • for definition of the destroying effort at compression of a ring (RCT), for determination of resistance to plane compression of a corrugated sample (SMT) prepared in the laboratory way the press test STI-1MT is used
  • for weighing of samples at determination of humidity and mass of square meter laboratory scales of the 2nd class of accuracy with the greatest limit of weighing 200g productions Shinko Denshi are used
  • for drying of paper and other materials ShS-80-01 SPU drying cabinet is used
  • for creation of vacuum in laboratory researches the vacuum pump with a productivity of 16 l/min is used.
  • for definition of degree of a grinding at control of technological process the SR-2T device is used;
  • for the express analysis at determination of humidity the high-speed dryer APC-4 is used.

Стандарты проведения лабораторных испытаний

1. ГОСТ 13525.19-91

2. ГОСТ 13199-88

3. ГОСТ 10711-97

4. ГОСТ ИСО 1924-1-96

5. ГОСТ 8047-2001

6. ГОСТ 12605-97

7. ГОСТ 1641-75

8. ГОСТ 13525.8-86

9. ГОСТ Р 50068-92