About our company

Our company is designed and constructed as "greenfield" - the project that allowed to create all necessary and warehouse infrastructure for convenience of our partners. The class of energy
efficiency "And" was appropriated to industrial complex (highest) that confirms not only our opportunities of rational use of natural resources, but also minimization of expenses.

Capacities – 60 000 tons/year - cut width – 2450 mm, formats from 700 mm - the mass of square meter of products – in the range from 80 to 170 grams - the volume of warehouses is calculated
on 6 000 tons of waste paper - 1250 tons of finished goods in a warehouse – the volume of week consumption of our customers

The automated production on the basis of the equipment Siemens - application of a kleilny press of VOITH - multilevel system of purification of secondary fiber on the basis of the equipment
Valmet and Papcel. Thanks to the high level of automation works at a factory less than 100 people. It is small, but very effective team. Team of the real professionals of which we really are proud!

Contacts: 394074, Russia, the Voronezh region, Voronezh, Balashovskaya St., 29 E, +7 (473) 2 - 333 – 600.

e-mail: ecoliner@inbox.ru

Skype: ecoliner36

ООО «ДИК» - сбор вторсырья. +7 (473)2 – 333 – 700